Starting up new ventures and projects is the common denominator in my whole professional carreer. It started with new European services at Outboard Marine Corporation, setting up the Benelux office for Nokia, developing new business models for the Nokia Accessories Business Unit in Finland to finally venturing out to co-found and create OSM Group AB and Nicoccino Holding AB. Recent assignments include amongst other a board position in Strax AB and a Chief Executive Officer position at WTS AB.

Each of these new ventures and projects has given me new and valuable learnings, how to set up organizations, how to build production, develop business and become an expert in many industries. That’s what I like most, learning new things and tackling new challenges. Combined with a competitive mindset, guided by a strong moral compass and an optimistic positive attitude, I have been able to achieve many successes.

With MRM I have been able to help a number of companies, each with specific challenges, from developing processes, to turn arounds, funding, selling to industrial buyers, developing brands.

In short, Passionately Creating Value is what I do for a profession!

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